Fit 4 School

Teachers, Students and Parents get ready for school and the winter months with my four week online programme

Using Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies You Will Learn:

  • How to eat to support your immune system, brain health and help reduce stress
  • Foods to avoid, that compromise your health
  • Lifestyle tips to support your digestion, immunity and stress levels
  • How to get better sleep to support your health

You Will Receive:

  • Two 7 day meal plans and recipes to give you new ideas
  • A Shopping List
  • Weekly lessons, via email, to help you understand and implement healthy habits
  • Video links to support the written material you receive

The Benefits You Can Look Forwards To:

  • Improved immunity, less coughs and colds / quicker recovery
  • Feeling less overwhelmed with day to day activities
  • Better quality sleep
  • Understanding what you have learned and be able to continue using the knowledge

Book your place NOW!/Group-Programmes/c/51913126/offset=0&sort=priceAsc

Registration is ongoing, you will receive a few emails each week, with lessons, some supporting videos and encouragement to help you on your way to a healthier you.

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