Fit 4 School

Teachers, Students and Parents get ready for school and the winter months with my four week programme starting on Monday 31st August

Using Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies You Will Learn:

  • How to eat to support your immune system, brain health and help reduce stress
  • Foods to avoid, that compromise your health
  • Lifestyle tips to support your digestion, immunity and stress levels
  • How to get better sleep to support your health

You Will Receive:

  • Weekly lessons to help you understand and implement healthy habits
  • Daily reminders of what we are working on
  • Free access to private facebook group, get your questions answered
  • A sample meal plan and recipes

The Benefits You Can Look Forwards To:

  • Improved immunity, less coughs and colds / quicker recovery
  • Feeling less overwhelmed with day to day activities
  • Better quality sleep
  • Understanding what you have learned and be able to continue using the knowledge

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Registration is ongoing, you will receive daily information over four weeks and admission to my private facebook ‘Fit 4 School’ group when you sign up.

Get Back On Track

On the 29th of June 2020 I will be running a Get Back On Track Challenge. I will be sending you healthy nutrition and lifestyle tips and strategies to help you get back on track with your health, weight, sleep etc.

Weather you are normally ‘really good’ at looking after your health or you are just starting to think maybe you should ‘do something’ this is a great way to get started.

If you are interested get in touch or go to my store and purchase the challenge for free. I will register you and sign you up to our facebook ‘Get Back On Track’ group. The facebook group will be where we will be chatting, supporting each other and I will be posting some videos.

I look forwards to seeing you there. Gráinne x