About Me

Our Nutrition and Health should be fun and easy to achieve. Are you ready to start your journey of transformation?

Hi I’m Gráinne and I have always loved food and eating.  As I reached my mid forties I noticed changes and they weren’t good changes!  I started paying attention to how different foods made me feel and I spent hours looking up food and exercise and health related things.  I tried all sorts of strategies, but there was so much information out there and it all seemed to contradict itself.  So, I decided to study Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with The Institute of Health Sciences.  This gave me a really good grounding and a solid foundation to build on.  I am still learning as there is always new research being done and it’s a very dynamic topic.  Because each and everyone of us is different, I tailor my programmes to suit each person, your goals and your lifestyle.

I also like things to be simple, uncomplicated, straight forward and easy to apply to my daily life and so that is the way I work with my clients.  Like I said, I have always loved food and I want my clients to enjoy their food too and not feel restricted or hungry. 

I have always loved being active and outdoors, but I have also come to realise it’s not all about training hard, it’s about enjoying your exercise and doing what suits you, your personality, your abilities and your lifestyle.

My approach is uncomplicated and down to earth and I love meeting new clients and helping them on their journey.

Gráinne x

My Qualifications: Dip. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching; Cert. Stress Management; Cert. Sports Nutrition; Cert. Plant Based Nutrition