My one to one programmes have been individually tailored to suit you. Because we are all different, we all reach our goals in different ways. Just like some people are marathon runners and some are sprinters. Some people like to swim, while others like to cycle. These people are all fit, but they all train in completely different ways in order to reach their fitness goals.

When I meet my clients I listen to them to find out their goals. I am also interested in the foods they like and dislike. What kind of exercise they like or dislike and their current lifestyle. Also what has worked for them in the past and what has not. People’s personalities also differ greatly, and so I work with each client individually to build their programme to suit them.

All my programmes include 1:1 consultations, recipes, meal plans and lifestyle strategies that will keep bringing you towards your goals. As your coach I will help you to stay focused and support you through any difficult patches.

Each Programme consists of the following:- An initial 75 minute consultation, followed by 40 minute weekly consultations. They also include a two page ‘Nutritics’ report which analysis your food diary. You get a breakdown of your macro and micro nutrients, that is your proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Deluxe Programme €785

My Deluxe Programme offers a high level of support, for people who want long lasting results. Great for people who require more support and motivation to reach their goals.

This programme really helps to focus you on reaching your health goals. You will have time to get well established in your new routine. This is a 12 week programme.

Rejuvenate Programme €545

My Rejuvenate Programme includes weekly consultations over 8 weeks. It offers a high level of support for people who want lasting results.

Refresh Programme €295

My Refresh Programme is ideal for people who are close to their goals but just need a little extra help. It is also a great starting point to get you going on your journey. This is a 4 week programme.

Please get in touch, so we can discuss which programme will best suit your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Gráinne x