Programmes. I offer programmes to my clients, as one-off consultations have been proven to be unsuccessful at helping people to reach their goals.  All programmes are individually tailored to help my clients reach, both their short term and long-term nutrition and health goals.  My programmes are also tailored to suit your taste preferences and to fit into your lifestyle.  I help people achieve long term health, by investing in their future selves.  I do not do quick fixes as these just lead to disappointment and a possible cycle of ill health.

Food diary analysis.  You give me the details of what and how much you are eating.  I then enter these details into Nutritics, a software programme.  This gives a printout of your macro and micro nutrients.  That means that you will know how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you are eating and also what vitamins and minerals you are getting in your food.  Based on your results, I recommend changes to help make sure you are getting enough nutrients and also to help you reach your health goals.

Food intolerance testing.  I work with York Laboratories , who send you a home ‘finger prick’ test, you send the completed test back to them in a freepost envelope.  After testing they send your results to me.  You then have a consultation with me to discuss the best way for you to avoid any foods you are intolerant to and I will give you alternative food choices.

Group programmes. I will be putting group programmes together over the following weeks and months.  Group programmes offer great peer support to help you on your journey.  While they will not be tailored to each individual person, they will be tailored to specific health goals.  They are a great introduction to the world of nutrition and health coaching and work very well for people who prefer to work in a group setting. NEXT GROUP PROGRAMME STARTING August.

E Books.  I have started to write some e books on topics that I am often asked about.  These are a good introduction to the way I work and can be used as a stand-alone for you to get an understanding of a certain subject in easy to understand language.  They can also be used to support you while doing a group or individual programme.

Health screening.  I use several tests to assess your general health.  Blood sugar test, cholesterol test, vitamin D test.  Theses are all tested with a small sample of your blood from a finger prick test.  BLOOD TESTS ARE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. I also take hip waist ratio measurements and use a Tanita body analysis scales.  These tests are used as a guide only, they in no way replace medical advice.  You should always consult with your medical practitioner if you have any health concerns.